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   Michael Noel


Interaction between organic molecules and electrogenerated nickel fluoride films: the choice of organic reactants for electrochemical perfluorination Suriyanarayanan N, Noel M JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE ELECTROCHEMISTRY 12 11
Zirconium oxide anodic films: Optical and structural properties Trivinho-Strixino F, Guimaraes FEG, Pereira EC CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 461 39816
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Initial stages of nucleation of molybdenum and tungsten carbide phases in tungstate-molybdate-carbonate melts Malyshev V, Gab A, Gaune-Escard M JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 38 3
Effect of current collector corrosion made from printed circuit board (PCB) on the degradation of self-breathing direct methanol fuel cell stack Guo JW, Xie XF, Wang JH, et al. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 53 7