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   Michael Noel


Anodic Fluorination and Fluorodesulfurization in Ionic Liquid Hydrogen Fluoride Salts with Polyether Additives Sawamura T, Inagi S, Fuchigami T JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 156 1
Effects of additives on anodic fluorination in ionic liquid hydrogen fluoride salts Inagi S, Sawamura T, Fuchigami T ELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS 10 8
The effect of substituents and operating conditions on the electrochemical fluorination of alkyl phenylacetates in Et3N center dot 4HF medium Ilayaraja N, Manivel A, Velayutham D, et al JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY 129 3
Unique solvent effects on selective electrochemical fluorination of organic compounds Fuchigami T JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY 128 4
Fluorine-ccontaining heterocycles. Part IV. Electrochemical fluorination of heterocyclic compounds Furin GG ADVANCES IN HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY 90  
Highly selective electrochemical fluorination of organic compounds in ionic liquids Fuchigami T, Tajima T JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY (14TH European symposium on fluorine chemistry, JUL 11-16,2004 Poznan, POLAND) 126 2 Sp.Iss.Sl
Electroorganic reactions in ionic liquids - 5[1]. Anodic fluorodesulfurization of phthalide, ethylene carbonate, and glucopyrano sides having arylthio groups Hasegawa M, Fuchigami T ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 49 20
Current approaches to the electrochemical synthesis of organo-fluorine compounds Noel M, Suryanarayanan V JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 34 4
Electrolytic fluorination of organic compounds Dawood KM TETRAHEDRON 60 7
Electrochemical fluorination of some industrially important organic compounds Misra SN, Jethva AD, Gohil MS, et al REVIEWS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 19 4
Electrochemical behaviour of Ni, Cu, Ag, Pt and glassy carbon electrodes in triethylamine-tris(hydrogen fluoride) medium Noel M, Suryanarayanan N, Suryanarayanan V JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE ELECTROCHEMISTRY 5 6
Review on recent developments in the synthesis of perfluoro organic compounds by Simons Process of electrochemical perfluorination Jayaraman K, Noel M BULLETIN OF ELECTROCHEMISTRY 17 5
The influence of fluoride media and CH3CN on the voltammetric behavior of ferrocene, quinhydrone, and methyl phenyl sulfide on Pt and carbon electrodes Noel M, Suryanarayanan V, Santhanam R ELECTROANALYSIS 12 13