Michael Noel


Dr. Michael Noel has recently joined as a Senior Professor in Karunya University, Coimbatore, with the objective of pursuing R&D efforts, after thirty three years of fruitful service at Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI), Karaikudi.

Dr. Michael Noel joined CECRI in 1977, as a Scientific Assistant and became a Scientist in 1982. He took his Ph.D in Electrochemistry in 1985.  He became the Deputy Director and Head of Electro-organic Division of the Institute in 2004 and completed his service in October 2010.

His research activities have centered around Electro-organic synthesis throughout his career. Fluorine electrochemistry, especially electrochemical fluorination has been the major area of current interest to him. He has frequently visited European countries, Germany and Italy, in this context. He has published 36 original and review papers in the area of fluorine chemistry.

Green chemistry is another area of current interest to him. Under his leadership the Electro-organic division at CECRI was pursing research work in Ionic liquids, micro-emulsion electrochemistry, electrochemical detection and detoxification of pesticides, environment friendly electrosynthesis and electrochemical dyeing.

He is the first author of “Cyclic Voltammetry and Frontiers of Electrochemistry” an internationally known monograph in this area. He has around 140 publications, majority of them (100) in international journals. Twelve students have already taken their Ph.D degree; under his direct supervision. He has also actively supported a few other Ph.D students throughout their work.

With a sound knowledge in basic electrochemistry, he has successfully handled many important research and development projects including network projects from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), his parent organisation. He has also taken lead role in research programmes funded by organisations such as Volkswagen Foundation, Germany, DST, DOE and DRDO, India. He has also provided R&D support to a few private enterprises in fluorine chemistry and electroorganic chemistry.

Electrochemical education is of special interest to him. He has delivered invited lectures in a number of Colleges and Universities in the country on various aspects of electrochemistry. He has served as a member in formulating electrochemistry curriculum for general chemistry, industrial electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. He has served as member, board of studies in chemistry in different Universities and Autonomous institutions.

Science popularisation in Tamil, his mother tongue, the state language of Tamil Nadu is another area affectionately pursued by him. He has lectured widely and also writes frequently on popular science topics in Tamil. From 1991, he is the editor of “Ariga Ariviyal” a popular science magazine which aims at inculcating scientific temper among the public. He has till date authored sixteen books in Tamil.

He is supported by his wonderful life partner Mariastella and daughters Kavitha and Priya in all his efforts.

E-Mail – yemenoel@yahoo.co.in
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