Michael Noel

Ph.D programmes of Dr. M. Noel and his active collaborators (students)


1. Dr. M. Noel
Electrode processes on Glassy carbon electrodes
Madurai Kamaraj University,  1985

2. Dr. M. Chandrasekaran
Electrochemistry of aromatic carbonyl compounds of Glassy carbon electrodes
Madurai Kamaraj University, 1990

3. Dr. C. Ravichandran
Electro-reduction of aromatic Nitro compounds or thermally Coated Ti/Tio2 electrodes
Madurai Kamaraj University, 1992

4. Dr. S.M.A Shibli
H2-O2 and H2-Cl2 fuel cells and alkali concentrators
Alagappa University , 1992

5. Dr. S. Chellammal
Electrochemistry of aromatic Sulfur compounds
Madurai Kamaraj University, 1993

6. DR. S. Chidambaram
Anodic dissolution of Nickel in fluoride media
Alagappa University, 1993

7. Dr. D. Velayutham
Lead dioxide coated glassy carbon electrode
Alagappa University, 1993

8. Dr. M. Francisica Flora
Graphite intercalation studies in fluoride media
Alagappa University ,1993

9. Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy
Electrohalogenation of organic compounds
Alagappa University, 1995

10. Dr. R. Santhanam
Graphite intercalation studies in non-aqueous solvents
Alagappa University, 1997

11. Dr. V. Suryanarayanan
Mild Electrofluorination route for organic synthesis
Alagappa University, 1998

12. Dr. V. Rajendran
Modeling of electrochemical processes-surface effects
Alagappa University, 1998

13. Dr. T. Vijayabharathi
Redox mediated electro organic synthesis
Alagappa University, 2000

14. Dr. N. Suryanarayanan
Fluoride films on electrode surfaces
Alagappa University, 2002

15. Dr. R. Sripriya
Electrochemistry in Micro emulsions
Alagappa University, 2008

16. Dr. N. Ilayaraja
Fluoro Organic Synthesis
Alagappa University,.2009